Operation Classification   Company Name
Installed System Hiji High-Tech Co., Ltd.
ELIA Co.,Ltd.
STK TechnologSTK TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. y Co.,Ltd.
Mobile Create Co.,Ltd.
InfoWave Inc.
Denken Co., Ltd.
Zynas Co., Ltd.
  Sard Electron
  SS-Avenue Co.,Ltd.
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Crystal Liquid Display
Micronics Japan Co., Ltd.,
Oita Technology Laboratory
Sumika Chemical Analysis Service Ltd.
Business Headquarters, Oita Business Division
Denken Co., Ltd.
Kyusyu Nano-tec.Optics.,Ltd
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Industrial Waste Treatment Daiso Co., Ltd.
  Tobu Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Distributing Agency ADVANTEST CORPORATION
Espec Kyushu Corp.,
Oita branch
  Inoueki Co.,Ltd.
Oita Branch
  SMC Corporation,
Oita Branch Office
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Others YAC Co., Ltd.,
Photovoltaics Division (Oita Factory)
Denken Co., Ltd.
  Kawano Electric Co.ltd
  Nippon Express,
Oita Airport Branch
  ODDS/Oita Device Design Support
  Otsuka Diesel Co., Ltd.
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Affiliate companies outside the preferecture Suntec Corporation
IMC Co.,Ltd., Kyushu Offices
  Alpha Design Co., Ltd.,
Fukuoka Branch
  Alps Giken Co., Ltd.,
Fukuoka Offices
  Daico Co., Ltd.
  GEN Co.,Ltd.
  Hataken Co.,Ltd.
  Human Wave Co., Ltd.,
Fukuoka Branch
  Intellectual Property Office NEXPAT
  KYEC Japan
West Japan Branch Fukuoka Sales Office
  Neo Engineering
  Pbi advanced Materiaruzu Co., Ltd.,
Fukuoka office
  Step Llp
  Sun Electronics Corporation
  Tamagawaseiki CO.,LTD
  Totec Co.,Ltd.,
Fukuoka Offices
  Venture Labo Co., Ltd .,
Oita Branch
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